List to parameter

I would like to pass a list created in a new parameter generated on revit, which node do you recommend?
thank you

Does the error say something about “null values”? if so, then you need to filter for that.

What does the error message say?
Have you tried converting the parameter value to a string before passing it to the SetParameter node?
Have you made sure that the parameter you are setting is editable in the project?

@erfajo Yes null values…
@martin.scholl in string? Node name?

null values must be replaced with blank values or you filter those elements out and clean the list so you don’t have any nulls.

null values are nogo…

if you want further help, then upload your graph file and it is also a good idea to include a full image of your graph. The image snip you have uploaded doesn’t say much.

use the camera upper right corner. Zoom into few nodes and take a picture… the entire graph will be in the image.

It doesn’t look like null values, they look like empty values in the index. These need to be replaced in order for it to continue.

If you just want to replace blank values (null or whatever) then you can use the OOTB node for that. If you have a nD list with values then you can use the Orchid nodes for the same. This goes also for cleaning for blank values (null or whatever). However, if you clean and you want to feed the parameter node then it is important to know at which index the blank (null or whatever) value was placed.

In other words, there are several possible solutions to your problem, so we need more information about your graph to give you guidance.



no problem

but the screen is too wide

I want to transfer the list as a parameter in revit within the new field

As described by erfajo earlier you can use the “camera icon” in the top right corner to take a picture of the entire graph (so zoom in on a node and click the camera)…

Secondly you might want to actually input elements into your “Element.SetParameterByName” node :slight_smile:

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Nice catch with the element input :slight_smile:
Also thanks for illustrating the camera icon, I thought that just by describing it, it would be self-evident.

At the first image it wasn’t possible to see if the wire came from another node… sending values as the element list will off course not work.

Please also add the graph file (.dyn) so we dont need to reinvent the wheel for helping you.

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this is the file, in short I created a single list that includes Revit both Area and Volume in certain indexes, how could I add this list to the new parameter created in revit?Test 3.dyn (23.5 KB)

I am afraid you have completely messed it up. You need to rethink you graph all over.

The SetParameter node needs the proper element to set the data value for. You should not collect your data from schedules and try to tweak that. You should try to get the elements that the data should be added.

Try to rephrase what your goal is.

ok I’m sorry maybe I was not very clear … the result I wanted to reach theoretically I have already achieved … I would like to know only if there is a way to transcribe the list obtained in a new field of abacus revit previously reported

I probably do not even have to use the node Element.SetParameterByName… indeed surely