List Elements in Room by Category, By Room

Inexperienced Dynamo User

I have a test model with Elements inserted into Rooms.

I want to list all of the elements by their Category, Then I want to group them by the room. So I have a list of every element within a room by Category. From this point, I will later take an asset register which is populated with a bunch of data. It will feed into the items by room, by category by element by parameter field on each element.

There may be a better way to do this, but I am talking about 10,000 + items, so I’m starting from scratch with a basic sample model for logical purposes.

However, I fell flat on using the List.GroupByKey Function.

How do i get it to know what elements are in what room, and then group them by those elements by the room key? Right now, I cant get a list of all elements in a room. and I can’t get a list of elements in each room. It seems to just add all the elements, to all the keys . .

Couple of options here,
First one uses a custom node from Rhythm

Second one uses a custom node from archilab

Thanks for the reply, I am trying to sort out why they are pulling a “Null” I have read several other topics where similar cases have occurred. Any other common causes for why a null would occur?

worked it out. thanks

Hi John,
I’m getting different results.
Has anyone else experienced this?

Does your element have a room location point?

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Not all of them

So, the ones that have them. Are those the ones that differ on the 2 methods?

they are random