List from other sublist




I have certain elements in some rooms, to which I want to add parameters related to that room. Everything else is solved except the issue of creating a list of rooms which contain element with same index as those elements.

Looking at the following image, I would like to get Room list with only those rooms which have that element. So if I have 2 or more elements in same room (this creates sublist of elements) that I have that room same number of times in the list on same index as element.

I hope you understand my point.


After Elements in Room try a IsNull node to see which sublists have elements in them. Then use FilterByBoolMask to filter your list of rooms for those with elements.


I’m facing exactly the same Problem at the moment. I’m using Room.IsInsideRoom to check (set to cross product). This function is also used by your node from archilab. I Need to check against Points of the Family Location because my rooms come from an linked file (imported at the wrong Location so I Need to move the Points of the Family - other story :D).

That gives me an list with all rooms at first Level and second level a boolean for each element in my list. I then check the index of each “true” element and retrieve the element.

At some point I have a list with 4 rooms (as example) which have 0-3 elements inside.

To export a list to Excel I need two lists with same length. This is my solution and I think it’s also what you’re looking for:


Rhythm also has a node Element.Room which returns the room an element is in. You’d be able to use this along with GroupByKey to get your elements by room.