List create returning a null value

Hi All,

I have two separate Revit files containing families of which i’m exporting asset info to excel. The files are set up exactly the same but when I run my script the list create returns one of the items as null where as in the other file it populates the list. Does anyone have any thoughts?
Id upload some more pics but as a new user it will only allow one.
Thanks for any help.


Hi Craig,

Is only list level 1 getting null values?

Hi Daan,

Yes, just list level 1 and only for that item.
I’ve attached the output for info.
I find it strange that it works with my other revit file.

Can you try replacing the list.create node? The VM which powers Dynamo may be in a bad state. Restarting. The CPU would also work to test.

Hi Jacob, Thanks for the reply.
I tried numerous times on Friday and on a different machine with no luck.
Come back into the office this morning tried it again and it has worked!


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