Inteference between ducts vs walls etc

I am trying to check inteference and watch in 3d (in colors) the crashes, the inteference in colors and maybe the other elements gray o something that. I found the partial way, but when the arquitectural (walls) is a revit link that don´t works. any idea?

Thanks. Sorry for my bad english.

Can you note where each of the custom nodes and Python came from? Note that selecting any element in a linked model is different than in the actual model.

yeah, the first picture is when I have in the same file, arquitecture (walls) and ducts, but the problem is when i tried in the file with link revit

So the first example is from a report where both collision elements are in the same model and the second report has elements from two separate models?

This isn’t going to work with your current graph. Like @jacob.small said, selecting linked elements is different from selecting local elements. Without specifying that an element is a linked element, Dynamo is going to assume it’s local and look for the element (Id) within the current model.

You’ll need to get both the element id AND the document it came from in order to select the elements in Dynamo.

Also, you can’t override graphics in view for a linked element.