Filter List Issue in 2.0.2

I’m just noticing something strange in version 2.0.2: The Filter List By Boolean Mask does not filter! The total number of items appear to remain intact and the filtered items render as empty lists! Has anyone come across this and found a fix?

what happens if you use auto lacing?

The same. I just tested my previous 1.3 version and it is still spitting out the same thing. I’m not sure if I set something wrong or if the data itself is the issue. It’s weird though I haven’t seen this happen before. I’ll test some other basic items and see what happens.

Could be a list levels issue. Can you show the structure for the list input? Lacing was the resolution for my test.

The levels have no affect from what I can see. I’m using 1.3.3 also which does not have an auto lacing function. Not sure why this node is behaving like this now.

This is definitely some deprecation in Dynamo. Now even using an “all indices of” node returns empty lists. This did not used to happen. In no case did a FilterBy BoolMask, or All Indices Of return empty lists with proper data input. I have not updated either my version of Dynamo, or the the scripts that had previously utilized these nodes. What. Happened?


Doesn’t reproduce for me:

I’d need to see the full dataset to help beyond asking about list levels and lacing. I suppose it could be a Dynamo for Revit thing, or an add-in conflict causing an issue, or…

If you can’t upload the files needed to recreate, can you rebuild a matching list structure that reproduces and that as a .dyn? Or PM me?

is the first item in your input list empty or null? try cleaning the list first.

The lacing is the problem. In multiple previous runs of the script I’ve been working with, the lacing set to longest produces the correct result. I’m not understanding why there would be empty lists at all. This had not been the case for several months of working with several dynamo scripts I have. What am I missing?

Would need a full graph to know, but lacing is a subject that’s easy to get crossed up with, specifically when changing versions (I spend so much time asking is it a [ or a { that I have complexly given up on 1.x unless someone forces me to - yes I got it wrong 2 times in my example above).

I wish I could provide the full dataset to review, but I cannot for this project. I went back into the script and made some edits as a workaround. I still find this issue peculiar. Anyway, thanks for your input. Much appreciated.