Copy Electrical parameter to Electrical Fixtures parameter

I started with Dynamo
I will wish to copy (for each Electrical Circuit) a part of parameter from Electrical Circuit ( parameter manually set) to a parameter of Electrical Fixture (family).
Below an example of the circuit 13 ( there are several family’s Electrical Fixture on the circuit 13)

Sorry fo my English

Hello Ed,

This will get you started:
After that you’ll need to get the parameters from the circuits and do some string manipulation on the parameters you want. After that write those values to the fixtures.

Good luck!

Thanks T_Pover
I will study it
I started to work with list but I 'm stuck

Doing this with lists is possible, but takes a lot of comparing of entire lists or using dictionaries.
Doing it this way is a lot easier and faster:

Electrical circuit comments to fixtures.dyn (6.6 KB)


Amazing! Thanks a lot

this very helpful really thanks a lot I have another concern about the panel schedules to place it in sheets direct I try to make it with macro and dynamo it didn’t work so I don’t know if we could make it with python also.