Linked Topography from civil 3D

Hi Everyone

do anyone know any node by which i can select linked civil 3d toposurface in my revit and convert to polysurface.

i am using revit 2019.

thanks in advance.

1- Select model element “to select the linked toposurface”.

2- Follow below pic.

Thanks for reply, but my toposurface is linked, i tried select model element already.

Try using element. Geometry before topography. Mesh

Sorry, but a linked Civil 3d topo is a special element and its geometry can’t be extracted from the API as far as I know. Therefore not by Dynamo either.



First I am a total Dynamo beginner.

I use the Revit INSERT, LINK TOPOGRAPHY command to link to a Civil 3D topography via ADC / BIM360. Then I use the script I leaned at my Dynamo class, it works fine with Revit topo:

I receive the error message: Warning: Internal error, please report: Dereferencing a non-pointer.
Is it still not possible?


Topography Links can be extracted using Dynamo
The ‘trick’ is Topography Surfaces can be Selected using TAB cycling.

Using Select Model Element -
Rather selecting the TopographyLink (First Option), You can TAB Cycle in Revit to select the Model Element TopographySurface (Second Option)


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Yes, but you can’t extract the geometry for use in Dynamo to the extent of my knowledge. Am I wrong?