Workflow civil3d to Revit

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to use an civil3d topography, that i’m working on, in Revit. But i dont know how is best way to do this.
My objetive here it’s create a model that i can visualize topography and water ditches that i made in Civil3D inside Revit.
When i import a CAD file into Revit and use to create a topography into Revit, it makes some changes in triangulation from the CAD file
Is there some way, with dynamo, that I can use my civil3d file to build a topography inside Revit?
Or the best way to do that isn’t using dynamo? If yes anser than how.

I’m trying to learn dynamo iet, sorry if its too obvious.

Hi, I believe the best workflow for this is using BIM360, if you have acces to it. The topography created in Civil 3D will be respected and not rebuild by Revit :

Concerning Dynamo, the CivilConnection package was created by Paolo Serra for connecting Civil 3D and Revit, but I don’t know it well and cannot help you with it.

Without BIM360 or Dynamo this is the suggested workflow, but Revit will redo the calculations (and not respect breaking lines for ex.) so be aware of this :

Hello @pedropcarvalho,
it is possible with Dynamo Civilconnection package from @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1.

I made short video here:

Is it what are you looking for?