New function Revit 2019.1 Link Topography

the new update Revit 2019.1 is now avilable.
There is a new function “Link Topographie”. So you can link Civil dgm to Revit and use standard Revit tools like “Parking Component”.
But…you need to link the dgm from your BIM 360 DOCS project…
Is there a way to use this “Link Topographie” with Dynamo?


EDIT: its not a dgm, its a “shared.dwg”

I belive we need some new nodes to support this kind of Topo Link-Element. I don’t have the programming skills to create that. Anyone?

The Workaround is to place a Subregion on top of the Topography Link. Then select the Subregion in Dynamo.

Is there new nodes to do that since 2018?