Linked Model

Hi guys

Is it possible to isolate linked element.


it’s possible. Download SpringNodes

Hi @Tomasz_Puchala

Are you sure it’s working with linked element ?, cause didn’t work with me

Thank you

i’m sure

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Hi again @Tomasz_Puchala

can you show example please how to do that, if u have time.

thank you

Show what you have tried so far and upload your dynamo file here so people dont have to start from scratch. Will get you more help :slight_smile:

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Hi @Alisder_Brown

yeah sure this is my code the main use to read the interference check report and isolate the element. and my question was I couldn’t isolate the linked elements.

Isolate.dyn (6.3 KB)


@Tomasz_Puchala and @Alisder_Brown

please check the code, if you can help me with that :slight_smile:

Thank you