Linked Id -Select or override? API still not exposed

I have a database of elements on a Win-form to show users the elements based on what they select in the winforms. I am stuck when the elements are from a linked model.

There were many forum topics about selecting a revit linked element ( I mean not collecting but selecting them in Revit UI). back then it seems like there was a wish list about exposing the API for this but, Apparently its not exposed yet.

What I want to acheive is to , somehow (select in revit or Override graphics) highlight the linked element by id.

Note : I get to know the element only when the users selects it in the form , so a view filter graphic override wouldn’t work as I cant edit the parameter value of linked elements.

I have been spending almost 3 days on this now, Please help me out.

Could any part of this discussion be helpful?

@SeanP , Thanks for the link.

I already have the element id of the linked element.
What I am struck with is to highlight and show the element tto the user, thats excatly, why I am looking for select in revit or graphic override.

Something link,
Selection. SetElementIds(linkedElementId) ;

I am also open for other ideas that can highlight the elements to user.


a workaround idea using transient geometries or Analysis Visualisation Framework, (AVF) (Autodesk.Revit.DB.Analysis namespace)

example by creating a solid sphere around the searched elements


@c.poupin thanks, looks promising,may be I can try to extract the geometry of the linked element(if possible) and use that geometry instead of spheres. I will give it a try thanks.

working with boudinbox (transformed to a solid) can also be an alternative to spheres (less resources)

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