Linked File Ceilings, blank parameters

I am trying to get the parameters from linked ceilings but it shows them all as blank. Attempted to index so that there were no spelling differences to another error. This won’t error it is just blank.

Looks like there’s a space between Type and the last double quote. If you remove it, it should work. Is this happening for all parameters?

Strangely that isn’t it. This is what happens without the space.

I only added the space after seeing how the colon was on the parameter list in the snip from the Original Post.

The OOTB Element.GetParameterValueByName will fail when you try to obtain elements that resides in links. There are alternatives in costum packages that will get you wat you want. Of the top of my head, MEPOver has one, but I’m sure there’s more :slight_smile:

Or try this from Rhythm:


Not work, sir. I have same problem with Mr.dsmith

Have you tried this?

Yes. but it does not work. Then, try “Element.Name+” from Clockwork and it is great