Link duct soild.centroid x.y.z coordination?


why can´t i get the link duct soild.centroid x.y.z coordination?

I can do it when they are not linked

anyone that can help?

It seems that the problem is not the centroid, but the fact that you intersecting the duct with the walls. You get empty list at Geometry.Intersect because they are not intersecting.

Do you need the centroid of the intersection, or just the centroid of the duct?
In the second case just connect Element.Geometry with Solid.Centroid.
In the first case, are the ducts in the graph above and in the one below, exactly the same? It’s not easy to understand if you don’t show the full graph

Thanks for reply, i need centroid of the intersection. (X,Y,Z coordination where the duct and the wall meet)

Ok, I see. I replicated the same situation and it was not working as well.
Try with LinkElement.OfCategory from the Bimorph package, this should work: