Intersecting Solid/Geometry Point List

Hi All,

I have a script using the Curve.SolidIntersection node from Bimorph. Issue is I have 254 intersecting elements after using the Element.IntersectsElement node then I find the point on the curve and only have 250 points.

So just trying to figure out where I’m going wrong as would have thought they should match.

Link to dyn file

I’m using the points to place a penetration family at wall intersections with ducts. Then using the associated duct information (width, height, diameter) to size the penetration. But with the Peno list (250) and the duct list (254) I can’t do this.

Curve.Solid Intersection fails, if you have small geometry. Or duct intersects wall, but duct’s location curve doesn’t intersect wall.
So, we can filter out ducts, which didn’t penetrate walls by location curves. Share your RVT file, and we’ll solve the problem.

Won’t be able to share my RVT file unfortunately as its work related.

I’m doing an element.intersects element which results in 254 walls and 254 ducts which I then use for the Curve.SolidIntersection to get the points.

So if I understand you correctly your saying 4 ducts are clashing with the wall say in parallel so when I do the Curve.SolidIntersection node they don’t appear as the duct centre line never intersects the wall.

So what do you mean we can filter these out with location curves?

Recreate our case in new file and share it.
We have to find Does.Intersect info between Duct loction and Curve.SolidIntersection result. If we have null intersections, filter it out.

Mate that worked a treat, after the Element.Intersect node I than put it through the Does.Intersect node and filtered out the 4 ducts not intersecting. Thanks