Linestyle change graph works but changes to incorrect linestyle

I’ll try to make a long story short, I was able to get this graph/script to run and what I am attempting to do is change a linestyle globally from “S-05MED-steel-sect” to “04 Medium Lines”.

What ends up happening is that the Linestyles change into “04 Medium Lines - Hidden”, my guess is that the search criteria finds that first and changes “S-05MED-steel-sect” to it. What can I do to make it have a stricter search criteria and only change it into “04 Medium Lines”.

I’ve attached a screen shot

You’re kind of filtering a filter right now. Instead of using FilterByName and then checking it with the Element.Name, just use Element.Name to filter for you.

The weird thing is that Hidden line type should come after the original line type, but either way this is probably a better solution as it will return an exact match only:

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Thanks Nick, that worked!

I tried a few other things as well and those seemed to work. I used the archi-lab package used the get Get Line by style node…seems to simplify things but either way, your solution works…Thank you!