"Line Style" Parameter

What am I doing wrong? I can’t seem to SetParameterByName

look at your last watch node: you are processing "1"s instead of Revit lines in the element input port

Try this

This helps. Thank you.
Would you mind explaining (step by step) what your Code Block is doing?

Thank you!

A bit more simplified…

I removed the Detail Line filter.
(I wasn’t sure if Revit would fuss about changing Detail Lines and Model Lines at the same time, but it doesn’t seem to matter.)

Is there any way I could simplify the “Element.Name” > “String.Contains” filter with the “Get Line Style By Name”. Seems like it would be more direct…

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Hi @arkitekton

Hide all lines of a specific line style / texts of a specific text type

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ooooh… duh.
Thank you very much!

@arkitekton the codeblock contains the definition of a function (Filter) with two arguments, a list (e) and a string (filter), it is returning the first element in the list which name matches the string in the input.
On the last line there is a call of such function on the list of graphics styles and it is returning the first element which name matches “Thin Lines” (since it is always there it is safe enough but I guess it won’r work if you use Revit with a language that is not english).