Error: un-/hide CAD files with archi-lab node

Hi everyone,

@Kulkul asked me to open a new topic for my issue posted in:

Hide all lines of a specific line style / texts of a specific text type

Most part of the graph is without function. For problem solving I have tried to keep it simple. So I have the CAD element, the current view and the node but the node give me an error:

The set of elements to be hidden is empty

Any advice?

Hi @Leo_Hart

Your currently passing string values to VIEW.HIDEELEMENTS node you need to connect elements to it.

@Kulkul thanks for your respond. But I think this is not the case:

Ok guys, I figured it out.

You must pass more than two different elements to the node.


Revision: I think I am not quite right…
If I select the element with the [Select Model Elements] node it is working.
The difference is that the select node select an [import.Instance] and not an CADLink Element

If you pass an Import.Instace element it is working fine, but it in my opinion it is a bit hard to handle with it.