Light and Vent Schedule


My firm is in the process of transitioning from CAD to Revit and I have been tasked with creating our standards and templates. I am having issues with creating the light and vent schedule to the standard that my firm requires. I have gotten as far as extracting all of the data I need, but am now having issues bringing it back together into a single schedule. I have a list that provides the rooms in which windows are located, a list that provides the glass visible area, and a list that provides the vent area for each window. I am new to Dynamo so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Not sure you need dynamo for this. Am I missing something or is this not a standard schedule?

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I couldn’t find a way to do it in Revit alone. I tried with a room schedule and i can get the room, area, vent opening, and glass area, but i could not figure out how to extract the rooms in which each window is located, combine their glass and vent area, and put it in a schedule. I could do it manually but would like to fully automate the process.

Have you made sure the room calculation point is enabled on the windows?

A window schedule will also give you access to the From Room and To Room schedule parameters. If you sort your windows by room you can calculate the totals per room.

Yes, all the information is there. I just don’t know how to combine all of the windows that are in the same rooms. Light%20and%20vent

You need to edit the Sorting/Grouping for the schedule. There you’ll be able to sort by room name and setup footers that will calculate totals (you’ll also have to make sure the parameter is set to calculate totals on the Formatting tab.)

Thanks, it works but the format does not match the standard that my firm has. I thought i could use dynamo to recreate the schedule we have in CAD, but I guess I have to edit the appearance manually. Thanks again for the help.

You’re still limited to what Revit can do. You will either have to use a Revit schedule and format it as best you can or export to Excel and format it like your CAD schedule.

I will say that one of the most common and biggest mistakes people (and companies) make when switching from AutoCAD to Revit is that they try to use Revit like it’s CAD. It’s not. Do not try to make Revit conform to your AutoCAD standards. That’s not what it’s intended to do.


@mmendozaM6M64 I’m curious how you developed your dynamo script to extract the data. I am working through a similar tasks to help automate these calulations.

I have the means to extract the data from curtain panels, i.e total light area, total vent area, but have a limited knowledge in dynamo to achieve the correct output.

I also was thinking how the script would know the instances of panels for each room. Understood maybe as room boundaries

Would you mind sharing your script?