Licaso, new Daylight analysis plugin for Revit

A new software called Licaso is now available as a plugin for Revit. Has anyone used the information obtained from licaso as an imput for Dynamo?

Can’t say I have any experience with it or even have heard of it before. What would the desired output from Licaso/Inout to Dynamo be? xlsx format? csv? Only output option I see in the website (poorly optimized for mobile so I may be missing something) is PDF.

What would you want to use it for? Optimizing daylight over a year?

Hi Jacob,

Thank you for your response. What I want to do is to make an annual daylight analysis that takes into consideration the movement of adaptive solar shading. Compute the daylight value of each hour of the year with the corresponding sun position and shading position. Maybe it’s too much information to compute. What do you think?

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Maybe with that software? Since I’m not familiar with it I can’t say that it would work with inputs driven by a non-static element. The excellent ladybug package may provide the analysis you want though.