Level above and below, how to?

Hi all,

Is there a node of some way where I can get the level just above and below a selected level? Tried Archi-lab ‘Level Above’ node but it’s not working.



















The problem you are seeing is that you are asking for a level above the last level in your project. Just drop the last item from your list of levels and it will work just fine. Remember that there is no level above the last level. Right?

Also, I updated the node to account for the situation when someone forgets and tries to extract the level above the last level. It will be added to next archi-lab package.


This is how it will work in the latest version:

Thanks Konrad, It solved the problem. Dropped the last item and now it’s giving me all the levels. Is there any way of finding the Level Below too?

You could use Konrad’s exact logic but instead of shifting forward, shift the list backwards to get the bottom level:

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Thanks Dimitar,

used Konrad’s logic and it worked for me :slight_smile: