Duplicate Item Indices

I’m confused about how to use the Archi-lab Duplicate Item Indices node
Seems pretty simple & straight forward, but I don’t understand what I’m getting as a result.
I got a pair of nuls the when I passed in my list, so I tried a simpler version.
The results don’t make sense to me.
What am I missing?

Shouldn’t the results be
0, 2, 3, 4
1, 5

Hi @DaveP
Try right click node Change Lacing to longest.

I get a different result:

I updated my packages recently, that’s maybe why…

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KulKul; That gives be basically the same thing, but nested one more level.
I’m also confused about where the values above 5 are coming from.
I only have 6 in my list

That’s what I was expecting!
I’m running Dynamo 1.2.1 and Archi-lab 2016.12.7

I updated archi-lab.net today and I have the 2016.5.27 version

I’m showing 5.27 as seven versions old

I wonder if it has something to do with the “List@Level” feature added to Dynamo 1.2. I’ve come across some other oddities with that

Thanks for pointing it out, my version came probably from the update of the Bakery package, but I’m up-to-date now and got no problem with this node. It could be worth asking the author directly…

@DaveP Try adding List.Create node before connecting to DuplicateItemIndices node.

@DaveP You could also try “String.SortDuplicateStrings” from lunchbox package.

@DaveP Here is another possible way using OOTB nodes.

OK, now I’m Confused/Happy/Scared.
I simply exited rebooted, and opened the EXACT SAME file and now it works