Select area above specific Levels


I managed to sort the areas based on levels, however currently stuck on how to specify areas above a certain level, not sure what’s the best node to compare levels.


Try this concept with your levels to get the specified area related to each level.

Add the below sequence linked to sorted list in the last node in your script.

This help?
Because you’ve got a space between “LEVEL” and the number you can use the same separater I’ve used. " " << quotes with a space between.

Hi Alien,

Thanks for the script, that is definitely helpful to get me started. Ill see if I could follow the same logic to apply with level comparison using actual heights.
Will keep you posted this afternoon.


Thanks for the script, How do I apply this to compare a range of levels?

get the sorted key from your script to begin with my script instead of list of numbers [1,2,2,3,…] then you will get the areas related to each key element represented in Level.

Not quite sure what you mean. Can you give an example?