Length of Axis (X/Y) / Length on path

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I have another interesting topic and I hope you can help me with that :slight_smile:
Ive done a small sketch to show you what exactly I mean.

Right now Im giving dynamo only the length in pink, but which should be the length in yellow.

I am lost. What are you trying to do? You show two yellow dimensions in your sketch but they are both different.

Wrote something wrong in my sketch. It should be:

How to define that the length from my Excel file is the length in yellow and the length in pink depends on the yellow length and the path?

The yellow length is the same in the Axis and from the length profile

Yes, it’s not very clear :wink:
The method with Curve.PointAtSegmentLength divides the curve at a specific segment length (in this case 1m), that has nothing to do with the projection on the x or y axis (as you can see from these pictures and from the X coordinates of the point)

If you need to divide the curve starting from 1m on the X axis, you need to project those points on the curve.

Still not 100% sure what you mean. Take a look at this. It might help you.

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This shows my first graph in action a little better. This is also the projection mether @lucamanzoni was talking about.


Thank you @Steven and @lucamanzoni for your help :slight_smile: