Length and Width of room: script works in one project but not

So I followed the instruction from this Autodesk video: https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/revit-products/learn-explore/caas/simplecontent/content/use-dynamo-to-report-room-width-and-length-revit-room-tag.html

My script works just fine in one project, but not in another project. I am getting an empty list error. How can I fix it?

script with error:

script without error:

Again, this is the same Dynamo script being run on two different projects.

What is causing the empty list??


This is likely caused by a room which is unplaced, or a room which is unbound. Check the area of the rooms in Dynamo and filter rooms with an area !> 0. Also it’s best practice to make sure you are reviewing a room schedule with no filters periodically to ensure these are taken care of in the project.

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I would add here that I often include an additional check to see if a room.Location point !null because I have seen rooms get sandwiched under finish floors and slabs that are bounding but don’t have area. Not super critical, but has saved me before.


There’s a node in the Data-Shapes package that filters them out for you

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Just to close the loop. At least in my case.

After I cleaned out all the unplaced rooms, it all worked.

Thanks for your help!

I will look at that Data|Shapes node. Any idea which one it is specifically @Daniel_Hurtubise?

It’s called Room Status