Legend Component Tag

I am trying to make a Legend Component Tag. I don’t understand why Generic Annotations is an Empty List. Anyone have any ideas where the problem is? Thanks in advance.

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@ab3d ,

you can try group by key

It looks like you’re on an old version of Dynamo. You’ll have to specify list levels to get the String.Contains node to check the entire list for "Generic Annotations".

Thanks, I’ll try. I am new to Dynamo.

I figured out how to get the lists (I don’t know if it’s correct), but in the next step I bumped into the Emty List again.

First of all, you’re using a lot of List Create nodes for no reason. Typically List Create is used for joining elements into a list. Right now you’re just adding list levels and complicating list comprehension. You can just use FirstItem and LastItem directly from the selected elements.

As for the Empty List. It seems like that element doesn’t have any curves. Which element is that? What kind of geometry are you expecting to get back?

As I already mentioned, I am new to Dynamo and there are definitely odd and unnecessary steps. I learn something new every day by trying out Dynamo.

Element - Legend Component.

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You still haven’t mentioned what you’re actually looking for. What kind of geometry are you expecting back from your element? Element.Curves is generally for curve-defined elements or sub-components. It’s not going to return annotation curves by default.

I’ve been digging through it myself for a while and hopefully I’ve come to the “last” problem

What is your question? The error states the issue clearly. Your project doesn’t have a family type with that name. Are you sure you have the family loaded? Do you have the type correct?

I’m sorry, but it’s a problem that I don’t understand why errors occur if this type of wall is in the document.

FamilyType refers to loadable families and does not include system families like Walls. You would need to look for the specific WallType in this case. You can do this by getting all the WallTypes in the project from Element Types and All Elements of Type (now called Element Classes and All Elements of Class in the latest version) and checking for a name match there.