Learning to Code - Dynamo

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone knew of any good online sources for learning design script or python? Specifically for visual scripting programs like Dynamo?

I know of really great websites like codeacademy.com but these are geared towards web creation. Perhaps these are still really useful for learning the structure of Python for example but I’m assuming there is a different vocabulary needed to use Python in an environment like Dynamo.

Thoughts welcome,


Hello Matthew Mcfetridge,

Have you looked at our tutorial for Design Script language here… http://dynamobim.org/wp-content/uploads/forum-assets/colin-mccroneautodesk-com/07/10/Dynamo_language_guide_version_1.pdf



Hi Retesh,

Thanks for the link, I hadn’t come across that document before. I see there is a new section to the Dynamo Primer now which looks at Code Blocks so I’ll have a look at that also.

Do you know of any good sources like these using Python in a design environment?