Learn Python for Dynamo: The Dynamo Python Primer

Hi everyone :wave:

I’ve created a guide for any aspiring Python-scripters, which covers all the key topics you’ll need to know (IronPython, OOP, .NET stuff, etc). Feel free to share it around:


It’s open source so any questions, comments, corrections please reach out to me :smile:

Best of luck with your Python scripts!


Great work @oliver.green! Very throrough intro into the revit api with python! :smiley:


Amazing, I really like this

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Nice! I’ll also link this post for other resources:

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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Thank you. This has been really helpful.

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Hello Oliver,

Thank you for your offer of your free python book.

If you have a version of your entire python book in pdf format That will be quick. If you already have one please kindly send us the link.

Thanks, gideon