Books / courses to excercise with (DesignScript) Ironpython for Dynamo

Hi all,
I would like to ask you a question about learning to code with (DesignScript) Ironphyton. To me, it is just 2 months that I am really trying to code almost everyday following online courses, linkedin videos, youtube videos, etc… But I’m having some hard times trying to find a proper documentation which explains the logic beyind the syntax, because you know, it’s not C#, it’s not really Python, so I wanted to ask if anyone knows a book/books focused on exercise for Ironphyton for Dynamo.

Thanks as always, have a great day :sunglasses:

Design Script isn’t IronPython. Iron Python is an integration of Python, so what you learn in any python course should work. These are used in Dynamo via the Python nodes. This topic has some good Python education sources:

If you’re looking for Design Script, I’ve already referred about 300 people (not a joke) people to the recently released Design Script presentation by @solamour. It’s the most robust tutorial I’ve seen and doesn’t rely on videos (personally I don’t find people learn as well by watching videos).



thanks @Jacob for the reply, and sorry about the IronPython / DesignScript thing xD

anyway, I already did the course on Linkedin / Lynda but didn’t see the @solamour post, thanks for sharing. :fire:

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Don’t know if this falls into the ballpark, but give it a go :slight_smile:

Otherwise the best way to learn is simply to do! :slight_smile:

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thanks @Jonathan.Olesen I’ll give it a look for sure!

anyway I am trying to do “something” …I really am! :slight_smile: but you can understand that it’s frustrating when you actually don’t know where to start.

Why don’t you experts, write a book about that matter? :star_struck:
you know, a step by step guide to (ie)

  • select elements from the Revit db
  • accessing parameter of those elements
  • etc…

It would be rock and roll! :guitar::fire: …think about it… :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :grin:

And have a look at the AU course as well :slight_smile:

I’ve been through the same frustrations as you, to be honest I started approximately 1 year ago with Dynamo and Python. My greatest point of learning was examining the great nodes already there and understanding the python logic behind. :sweat_smile: (The deprecated DanEDU and Clockwork have been great for my Python understanding).

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I hope to get better overtime too! I’ve already saw the @Gui_Talarico AU video and it is really amazing, thanks for sharing :+1::+1:

Remember to download the handout too, it’s nice and easier to look through than having too watch the video multiple times! :wink:

of course! thanks :slight_smile:

Glad it’s getting some traction! :smile: I probaby spent 80 hours on it #promiseImNotOCD


There is also the dynamoPython repo, which has been contributed to by 9+ people! So you get 9x versions of thinking coming across in heavily annotated python (Side note: If anyone wants to contribute please do!)


Hello everyone, I leave you the link to my book, in which I explain the Revit API from Python (632 pages). The only problem is that it is in Spanish.

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Hola señor Himmelreich,

Muchísimas gracias por un libro tan completo.
Lo compré en inglés hace unos semanas en Amazon.
Lo único que no me gusta es la calidad de impresión. Sobre todo en las partes código de color gris, las funciones son casi invisibles debe al typo de papel utilizado que esta muy absorbiendo. No se puede hacer notas con bolígrafos porque se puede ver en espejo al revés.
Que lástima.
No vi otra manera de transmitir el mensaje.(LinkedIn perfil inaccesible)
Pero en resumen: mi respeto infinito con el libro!

Good luck on your project.