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First off apologies if I use incorrect language or ask “dumb” questions; my company is rolling out Civil 3d 2021 and with it Dynamo, as such my knowledge of dynamo is limited. I am trying to make my first script to automate the layer translate operation.

My process is derived from a tutorial I found about changing the layer of an object as well as one showing how to import from an excel file.

Basically, I want the script to read the csv, which contains survey layer (column 0) and the mapped layer (Column 2), and take any item on the survey layer and move it to the mapped layer.
Every time i connect the “list.GetItemAtIndex” to the “Object.SetLayer” I get an error.

Any advice would be helpful, thank you in advance.


Upload of the full script with error.

Hi @ctodd, welcome! There are no dumb questions :slight_smile:

My guess is that there are some nulls being generated upstream of the Object.SetLayer node. Can you upload another screenshot that shows the outputs for the List.GetItemAtIndex nodes and the All Objects on Layer node?

@mzjensen yes, there are nulls in the list from the get item… it also appears to be reading rows, not columns. Is there a way to change to column because I know the two columns referenced are filled out in their entirety.


Yes, use List.Transpose after the CSV import.

@ctodd: have a look at the picture, i did something similar a while ago.

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