Layer Conversion

I want to make a Dynamo file that will search a drawing, identify all objects on a specified layer, and then convert them to another specified layer.

I’m figuring out how to attach my photo of what I’ve done so far. I can make Dynamo recognize both layers in a given drawing however when using the node “All Objects on Layer” I do not know what I should do about the ‘block’ input.

Secondly, “All Objects on Layer” provides an Object Array Output. I have that output pointing directly at Object.SetLayer. But that node is asking for just an object, not an object array.

Please let me know how I could; A. Add the screenshot I took(with the camera). B. Figure out what block input “All Objects on Layer” is needed. C. If an object input can accept an object array output.

This would be the block where you want to look for objects. I’d guess that you want to look in Model Space?

You should be able to just plug in the list of objects. Dynamo will handle all of the looping and set the layers of each object in the list.