LandFeaturelines in Revit CivilConneciton


I’m having an issue with the CivilConnection package for Revit Dynamo. I’m trying to extract 3 ‘normal’ featurelines from my Civil 3D model. It recognizes the document and everything, but when I run this tiny script, it starts processing and just doesn’t do anything. I kept it running for like an hour and still nothing happened. Any ideas to what I’m doing wrong? The reason I want to extract these featurelines is to array a guardrail family along these featurelines.

Does the Civil3D, Revit, or Dynamo process show high CPU usage while this is occurring?

Hi Jacob,

I see this happening. Nothing to crazy I’d say. It just gets stuck on this, it doesn’t do anything anymore.

In this case 12.5% is likely the maximum power Revit can throw at the problem, so while it’s sitting there apparently doing nothing it’s likely actually working as hard as it can about the actual problem.

Two things you can try:

  1. Move the landlines you’re after into a new document to ensure that the system isn’t stuck processing bad data in that particular DWG which just isn’t displaying currently. Do so for each line individually if this also takes awhile.
  2. Open Dynamo for C3D and use a Remember node to ‘record’ the location of the feature lines into the Dynamo file. Save the graph and close Dynamo for C3D. Open Dynamo for Revit and then open the graph saved from Dynamo for C3D, and pick up with your geometry from there. There are some concerns with a lack of bidirectionality for any round trip issues when you may someday want to put this back into C3D, but you can do the reverse to pull it back.