Lacing in Function

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I would like to know about lacing in code block function . If you are convenience please help me to understand this . And if you don’t mind “if” function also i like to know.
Sorry for picture , I am having connection issues.

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Saw this thread

Thanks for your suggestion and I really appreciate it . But i did put angle brackets with x,y values.

I think, I should satisfy with this or …

You can use replication guides when you call the function, like this:


Thanks a lot , mate .

follow your thoughts by this:

def cir(x:var[]…[],y:var[]…[],radius:var[]…[])
a = x;
b = y;
pt= Point.ByCoordinates(a<1>,b<2>);
aa= Circle.ByCenterPointRadius(pt,radius);
return = aa;

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