Laced up with lacing and lacing levels


Hi guys, I am trying to figure out how to search a sublist of distances (lets call it L1) for the an equivalent distance in filtered (derivative list) smaller sublist (L2). I only want it to return true (L3) when only each sublist elements in L1 correspond to the first sublist of (L2). that way I can use a filter by bool mask (L4) to pull out the actual point that belongs to that distance from (L5). I had something like this earlier come up, and I tried the same lacing, but this time it fails, however because some of the distances are the same across the sublists, and it is doing weird things like creating empty lists in (L4) and picking the wrong points to correspond to the wrong elements. So is this a lacing issue or is it simply not possible to do this? Can I use Sorting and Grouping somehow? thanks! This ones got me stumped!


Like this?