How to match list with sub lists (Please see screenshot)

Hi all

Can any one point me right direction please.

I have list say with 35 items that do have some sublists with them.

Say i have curves that do clash with twice and i get 2 points but when i filter i get 35 lines and i cant get information from sublists.Only picks one from sublists.

I have tried to play with levels lacing but no luck.

I have attached screen shot for better explanation.

Thanks in advance


Try setting the list level to @L2 and lacing to longest.

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Hi @JacobSmall

I managed to sort this out by changing levels on curves.

But now im run into another problem.

Now i need some how to match Curve.Length based on point list is this possible ???


Try a regular multiplication node, and once again set the list levels and lacing. Once that is done And working correctly you can node to code it by selecting the node and right clicking the workspace background.