Define that a default value = node inside a custom node

Hello guys,
I’m starting to explore and try to build some custom nodes. But I have some doubts …

  1. It is possible to define that a default value = node (either OOTB or custom one)
  2. How do I call the nodes I made in the Script design of a Code block? tried in a few ways, but failed: /

Grateful for any answers,

You basically have it, but you can’t call a node like that. I don’t know if you can set an empty list as a default input. You might have to set it to a null value and use Object.IsNull.

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Thank you very much @Nick_Boyts! it works! Of course, the description outside of the node is “null” for the input, but that’s okay :slight_smile: .
Now I just need to find out how I can start calling this node through the Script design: P

You can’t call custom nodes with Design Script if that’s what you’re after. You would have to define a variable for the views and use GetAll as the input. I believe that’s the closest you can get.

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got it :/, Ok! Thanks a lot!