KeySchedule Node of ArchiLab

I don’t understand why my code(python) for keySchedule in Archilab leave a row at the beginning when it appended to revit. I attached 1 picture of the table I get the data from excel. The grey mark on the code I put in, so it delete the table every time it is updated.


This is the code.

Do you have your schedule appearance setting set to show blank row before data?

No, I don’t set it to show blank row. That row actually is an extra line from the table for whatever reason it is.

Is it because your range starts at 1 and not 0?

No, when I change it to 0 for the part I marked grey. The table doesn’t show up. And that part isn’t what causing the problem. Even if I delete the part I added in and delete the table manually before running the code. the blank row still show up. I think it has to do with getting the numbers of line from the tables, but I wasn’t sure, because I could tested manually like create “print” in C.