Key Schedule Population---"Show Header" alters data


I’m fairly new to Dynamo, so excuse me if this is a known problem with an easy solution. I have used the Arch-Lab ‘Key Schedule’ Node to populate a key schedule from Excel. There appears to be an issue where it adds an extra blank row (showing just the next available key number) to the schedule that does not come from my data when I hide the schedule’s header labels before creation. I can uncheck 'Show Header" afterwards and it displays as expected. Unchecking it before the graph is run gives me this extra row.

Unchecking ‘Blank row before data’ gives me two extra rows, which I thought was even more odd.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


Hello, @anordstrom

Attach samples of project files, so we can help you.

Sorry it took so long to respond! I dumbed down my code to the bare minimum to see if I still have the issue and I do. As stated above, essentially there is an extra row of data added when the column headings are off before the script is run.


  1. Create schedule.
  2. Disable ‘Blank row before data’ with Schedule Sorting Grouping from Archilab.
  3. Add data to your schedule, as you did.

Thanks, Vladimir. I tried that solution and it did not fix my problem. I don’t have an issue with an extra space before each row, as this solution would have solved. I have an issue with an extra row at the end of the schedule with the next ‘key number’ and no data to go with it.

@anordstrom ,
well, can you share sample DYN and RVT files?
I have some solution. I’ll check it and post here.

broken note.dyn (15.3 KB) Project1.rvt (484 KB)

Thanks for the help. This file is stripped down but still gives me issues.

@anordstrom, try it.

broken note2.dyn (37.0 KB)

Thanks, Vladimir! I’ll give this a try.

I’m at the very start of learning Dynamo, but this seems like a bit of a bug on the Archilab part. From your knowledge of Dynamo, does the fact that the node reacts like this to a hidden column make sense, or would this be considered a bug that Archi-Lab could address in their next update?