Just to get the name in Excel


Worksets.dyn (43.9 KB)
Hello Dynos,

I have hust a small problem. How can i just list the workset? there is dictionaryname and coordinats.
How can i prepare my list? (flatten,tanspose,chop,… ) what is the right way?




I assume what you want is the name of the linked file?

The name you are getting is the that of the link instance (rather than the linked document). To get the linked document name you have a few options, of which two are:

  • Get the ElementType (the document) of the link instance and then query its name (see first example below)
  • Use the strings you already have got from the instance and split them to isolate the name (see second example)

Alternatively, if I have misunderstood, and you want the workset name you can query that with Element.Workset from Clockwork (third example)