Getting Instance and Type worksets from a link files

Sounds simple enough :slight_smile:
I’m retrieving the list of link files using Get Documents (from Archi Lab) and from there i want to query the worksets value for each instance and the type but…
Of course i can’t figure out how :slight_smile:
Any help is much appreciated, thanks.

Hey Daniel

Can you post up what you tried so far please?
Also, what do you mean by “Instance and Type worksets”? Are you trying to get the workset each element is within the linked model?


No, trying to find the actual worksets the link file itself is on

Ok, i think i got it to work, not sure it’s best way though. Im open to any suggestion

1.0.0_LinkFilesName.dyn (14.1 KB)

@Daniel_Hurtubise See if this serves your purpose

Here’s the final version. Works well but i would like to add 2 things
1 - Someway that i don’1.0.0_LinkFilesName.dyn (20.2 KB)
t get an error if there’s no false
2 - I need to close it and rerun it when i open a new file, any idea why?