Joining curve to one curve/polycurve


I have created 8 curves including arcs and lines in several level (different Z)
I want to join them to one curve on every level in order to create floors and i could no find the correct way,
I have tried to use the Curve.Join and Polycurve.byjoincurve with no success,
any help will be appreciated.

Hi Hemmanu

Please send us a screen of your graph so that we can understand your problem. Polycurve.byjoinedcurves usually does its job, also if there are arcs or nurbs, as long as they are actually share their last point. A problem could be sometimes with the order of your list. This is what you should see:

i did the flow you have sent me for one level and it succeed,

but when i run it with all levels, it was failed, I believe there is a need to isolate one level list at a time… how do i do this?

this is the printscreen of the multiple levels result

I succeed running the operation with all levels with isolating one level by “list.getitemAtIndex” and “List.Map” while putting specific number for index…
i tried to put for index the full list of sequence (all levels) and it does not work…

In this node “Polycurve.ByJoinedCurves”, click on the arrow > and set it to use levels (2). I did not tried it here but I guess it might work. Do it on that example you sent that is without the part with the “GetItemAtIndex” node

Thanks, I will try this and will update.
thanks, Hagay

See if this works

i will check and update,
thanks, Hagay

what do you mean by “change lacing to longest” ?

Have a look here: under lacing

Right click on the node and do the following…


i will try. thanks.
by the way what application do you use to record the screen video?

thanks Vikram, it works great.


I am trying to apply the same development by extracting the autocad lines but I have no result

I am attentive to the help, thanks!!