Curve join produced more than one WIRE in PolyCurve

hi guys i hope you are all fine
i want to create a floor by using (Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel)
but i get this error (Curve join produced more than one WIRE in PolyCurve)
so where is the problem and how to resolve it .
Thanks in advance

Hi @adawladola,

What is the list structure of the List.Create you are putting in the Floor.ByOutlines node? Can you show us the preview?

hi @Joelmick there are all the material … i try to use a cad fiel to create a curve by using (CAD.CurvesFromCADLayers) and then i tried to offest theme to create floors …3 try ilot e - Plan d’étage - Site.dwg (384.0 KB) exemple.rvt (3.0 MB) beton de propritie.dyn (65.3 KB)


I took a look at your graph. The problem is the List structuring. You alreadt start with a List inside another List. If you query only one layer from the CAD.CurvesFromCADLayers it is good practise to Flatten everything.

The error for the floors was because the lists you put in, where not structured. You put in 4 lists with each 3 curves, each lists represents an edge of the floor. What you should do is structure everything so that you have 3 lists with 4 lines and all the lines inside a list is for 1 floor. This is an easy fix with the Transpose node. Add the Flatten and the Transpose node at the marked places (See below)

If you have any questions, let me know!

beton de propritie_JVH.dyn (79.4 KB)


@Joelmick yes thank you so much

What if the room has a hole inside it? like a hole in a polygon

How to place a floor for a room like this? @Joelmick @adawladola