Join planar lines with Curve.Join

Hi everyone,
I am trying to join three lines with dynamo in order to place a line element that starts in the beginning of the first line and ends on the end of the third line.
The lines are planar and the first line ends where the second starts and so on.
The node says ‘PolyCurves may not be branching’, which makes no sense to me.
Maybe I am missing something :slight_smile: please help

looks like you are joining 4 curves…what about this?

You can try this also:

Hey there,

I believe this script could work but the thing is you are trying to join the first item of your list with the whole list of lines, including the first line itself.

I think this is the origin of the warning. With the same logic, Using List.deconstruct should work.



Thank you, guys. That sort of does the trick but it creates a Polycurve.
I actually need a line or a single curve that I can feed to the the FamilyInstance.By.Line node.
Maybe I should open another topic since my problem needs a more general change of approach.

As you can see on the screenshot there are 8 Lines but objectively there should be only 4.
The room boundaries created them that way and I am trying to optimise them.