Join Geometry: Wall-to-Wall

I’m new to the world of Dynamo…and I’m not as smart as most of ya’ll, in all likelihood.
However, I’m going to try and learn this.

One task that I thought would be great to automate is the joining of two wall types.
Let me explain.
Our Revit projects are multi-family and mixed-use.
We use Groups when creating different apartment unit plans.
These consist of just the unit walls, no exterior facades.
Because of the huge variances in facade materials, heights, and styles we model all our facades separately around the units when they are laid out to form a building plan.

I hope that all made sense.

Then, what we do is manually Join Geometry of the unit exterior wall and the facade wall which then pops any openings thru to the facade wall.
(see attached images)

Now, try not to laugh too much, but here is what I thought Dynamo might look like.
First shot at anything, mind you.
(see attached image)

It ran in Revit and said that it was successful, but it did not actually join the two walls.
I seek guidance and understanding. :grin:

Thank you.

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You’re selecting wall types not wall elements. :wink:

Add a pair of all elements of type nodes into the mix.

Also you might want to consider just using the exterior walls with the interior fitout. Will make it much easier to add that brick sill and save a lot of hassle in many aspects (easier variation in window layouts, easier work sharing as the guy doing facade tweaks doesn’t need the guy doing bathroom layouts to get out of that group so I can use it, etc).


Take look at this video, is this what you are looking for?

Hi, I was wandering if you’ve solved the problem you had in this post? I’m trying to do the same thing, but with the interior wall finishes instead of the exterior walls.
Essencially joining the wall finishes with the core walls laying right next to them.

No, hadn’t solved…reality is, I’m probably not smart enough to do it. :slight_smile:

And got too busy to pursue it.

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