Join elements of sublists at same level


Hi everybody,
I am stuck with this simple topic.
What I would like to do is to join elements of sublists at same level.
For example I have:
0 List: 0;1;2;3;4
1 List: a,b,c,d
2 List: xx,yy,zz,ww

What I want is to have sublists in this new order: [0, a, xx], [1,b,yy] and so on…
I can do it specifying the index in the List.GetItemAtIndex but I would like to do it with all the elements of my lists therefore I want to automatize it without creating NList.GetItemAtIndex specifying for each of them an index from 1 to number of elements of the list…

Thanks a lot in advance



Hi @robertoruggeri

Just use Transpose:

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Thanks! it was so easy :slight_smile: