List.join not working

Hello, I have two lists with 3 sublists each. I want to join each sublist from either list together with the same index number. How do I do that? This is just joining the child lists together??

I think what you are looking for is list.combine with either list.create or list.join
Home.dyn (6.6 KB)

Would this work? In order for this to work, though, the 3 input lists must all be made into a list of list first (using the List.Create node as shown) so transpose can work correctly.

Works with 2 lists with 3 sublists each as well:

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Thanks, both of your solutions work great. I wish I could put both of you as the solution!

I downloaded your latest package, and it appears that your list.clean node that you have, doesnt work anymore, and the new one doesnt work either. So how do I get rid of all the -1’s then? Thanks,


Sorry for your inconvenience, but I updated my package late last night where I included a zerotouch node (published hidden) so it could be tested by some selected users… in that work, I have made an error on the core node that read the python scripts.

Could you please install the 2018.301.0 version. When I have figured how I can run both beside each other with troubles will I update my package and notice you/the forum.


The problem should hopefully be fixed now… please upload to 2018.301.2