Combining sublists

Hi guys
I have 10 list. In each list there are 15 sublists and in each one of this sublist 2 points. I want to combine all the sublists with the index 0, 1, 2…until 15. ¿How can I do that? I have try list combine, list transpose…and those doesn´t work¡¡


Is the second point of the sublist n always equal to the first point of the sublist n+1? what about the last sublist? Are there relations between the 11 lists?
For this example I used random points imagining that the last point of the 15th sublist is the same of the first of the 1st, so that I could ignore it. You could play with List.UniqueItems and ProneDuplciates nodes if you need more control…

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sorry @GregX maybe I explained myself wrong…what I need is to combine the sublist 0 of the list 3 with the sublist0 of the list 4. Then the sublist 0of the list 4 with the sublist 0 of the list 5…and keep like this until finish

Sublist1 List 1 with Sublist 1 list2…Maybe like this i have explained myself better? thank u¡¡

Sounds like you need a list.transpose node

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Yeah thats the solution…i dot know why the other day It was impossible to solve that, maybe it was to late…I have use list transpose+list sublist and the list map with list flatten to get the final solution :smiley:
Thank u @Dimitar_Venkov and also thanks to @GregX