Prefix to sublist


Could I please have some help to put these suffixes into the sublists.

End up with
Level 0 Part A
Level 0 Part B
Level 0 Part C
and so on
Level 1 Part A
Level 1 Part B
Level 1 Part C
and so on
Level 2 Part A
Level 2 Part B
Level 2 Part C
and so on

+ node. Cross product lacing.

I dont understand sorry

Go back to your original lists - you have politer the waters trying to make equal length lists in this case. Something like this:

LevelsList = ["Level 0","Level 1","Level 2"];
PartsList = ["Part A", "Part B", "Part C"];
LevelsList<1> + PartsList<2>;

sorry man, I dont understand or ive explained wrong,

trying to end up with below result

I tried transposing the list later on after levels created and transposing levels to meet up later on but the sheets wont create when I do that. Think this is getting to complicated.

This might work for you, using @L2 on the "Level #" list:


Kenny! I forgot about levels! the man, thank you

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