It's units again!

today i tried to use one of my older definitions.

it was one with a lot of maths for calculating areas, lengths…

and, to my surprise again the multiplier for the conversion from inch to metric environment has changed. why? i do not know. maybe code blocks?

then i did a research on wikipedia and found out that there are still 3 countries on the planet not using the metric system.

  1. liberia (but they actually use meters)

  2. myanmar ( they signed a transition law in 2013 and will be metric in the near future)

  3. usa

  4. revit world (out of competition)







hey guys, maybe its time for a change!


Converting units is a dangerous business… (

On a similar issue, Operators nodes ( + , - , < …etc ) do not evaulate when ‘Length’ inputs are used.

Is there a new work around or ?



brian, i am actually using my pocket calculator for every math operation i do.

if the result is wrong, i check out the correction factor.

if i have to manipulate values with units i use a python script, as in my latest build one cannot multiply values with units and plain numbers. 10m * 5 = error message.

to avoid that i created python nodes that automatically convert to double and do the math. and multiply / divide with a factor that is an extra parameter to the node