IterisCivilDynamo package

Hi to all! I made a custom package for Civil 3D with the name “IterisCivilDynamo”. It currently has methods and properties for work with Alignments and ProfileViews. In the future I will add more objects, methods and properties. Today I see a rating -1.

I want to know why. If you have questions, find a bug or other problems, please write here or email: or


Do you have a blog that you discuss the workflows of your nodes? Perhaps you can do a few posts here on the forums showing how these work to help people understand what you have made? Just some ideas. Don’t let one negative review hurt you.

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Good questions…
Thanks for support!
My goal is to implement more of the Civil 3D .NET API in Dynamo. Currently I have no way to make detailed documentation. I want to focus on developing and adding new nodes. I give maximum info in the nodes description. And more info is in the Civil 3D .NET API reference.
I added a new feature for feedback (login required in GitHub):


Your package looks interesting! I see it has lots of nodes to inspect an alignment, like curve types, start / end station of entities and other properties. Is it also possible to have such nodes for profiles? Like entity types and PVI station or start/end station for example?


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Yes, its possible. I will try to do this when the opportunity arises.

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Hello, your work is very interesting, I have worked with the nodes for pipe networks.
Is a node possible to get the pipes by name?